21 Days to Wellness Cleanse and Detox Program

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There is no better time than right now to BE ROOTED IN HEALTH and support strong IMMUNE WELLNESS. Are you challenged with significant levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation/pain, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and are just emotionally drained from all the chaos? Let’s get back to feeling great, empowered, physically and mentally strong; lighter by eliminating inflammation and of course lose weight as a bonus all with Corrine's 21 Days to Wellness Program. This program is taught by Corrine Lewis, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritionist - Transformational Lifestyle Coach. Corrine will share, teach, and guide you in supporting your overall health through whole food nutrition, food sensitivities and lifestyle behaviors that reverse symptoms, reduce disease risks, while strengthening you and help bring to life your authentic self. Committing to the 21 Days to Wellness will help you: * Detoxify and lose weight through whole food nutrition. * Bust SUGAR and White FLOUR Addiction and Cravings * Discover a new relationship with food and your body * Strengthen mental clarity and concentration * Reduce, eliminate inflammation (aches and pains). * Improve Digestion * Improve Sleep * Increase Energy * Release emotional stagnation * Self-care a must * Feel energized, cleansed, and connect to your Authentic Self.

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Corrine Lewis
Corrine Lewis

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